NBA Rumors: Cavaliers Top 2 Trade Targets Revealed

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on the hunt for a solid wing. They're looking for perimeter defense, and floor spacing... the tried and true "3-and-D" wing. There have been some names bandied about as to who they're targeting, but Cavs Insider Chris Fedor of has now revealed the two names that are at the top of their wish list. 

In a chat with Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports, Fedor said that "Tim Hardaway Jr. is somebody that the Cavs have been watching, and they've been keeping an eye on. And if they had their choice, it would be between Bojan (Bogdanovic) and Hardaway Jr." 

As for what the Cavs could put together to bring in one of those two? "You start with Caris (LeVert)," said Fedor, "because you feel like his skill-set is kind of a duplicate, and because he has an expiring contract that matches with Bogdonavic and Hardaway Jr. and Kelly Oubre Jr. and those sort of names. That way the Cavs don't have to take back more players. From a salary standpoint, it's sort of an even swap."

Fischer then acknowledged that the Dallas Mavericks had offered a package including Hardaway Jr. in the past in trade talks with the Indiana Pacers for LeVert when he was in Indiana. 

Aside from the Big Four of Donovan Mitchell, Jarrett Allen, Evan Mobley and Darius Garland, Isaac Okoro is another name that the Cavs will not be trading, unless, Fedor says, "they get back a significant piece in return."

One month to the trade deadline, and with Cleveland now considered a true contender in the Eastern Conference, expect them to ramp up their talks to get that last piece on their radar. 

 Photo: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports