Bones Hyland Has "Checked Out" On Nuggets; Trade Is Inevitable

Bones Hyland was benched in the 2nd half on Tuesday night vs. New Orleans Pelicans, and played just five minutes total. Thursday night, he was out of the Denver Nuggets' rotation altogether, getting a DNP-CD from coach Michael Malone. And he let his displeasure be known, refusing to join his teammates for the timeout huddles.

As noted by Mike Singer of the Denver Post, "Hyland, whose reported friction with Malone over playing time has fueled some of the trade speculation, appeared disconnected Thursday night while opting to stay seated on the bench while the rest of the team congregated for timeouts."

“Bones Hyland is getting traded. It’s a matter of where and for what," said Tim MacMahon on ESPN's The Hoop Collective podcast today. But to be fair, he added that this all came about after the trade rumors started running rampant. "As a young guy, maybe not the most mature guy in the world, sensitive... maybe he feels betrayed, that they've given up on him."

Fellow ESPN Insider Brian Windhorst said he knows of "three or four teams" that have interest in Hyland, and we outlined two of them here

Photo: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports