Damian Lillard Gets A "Scare" After His 71-Point Masterpiece

It was DAME TIME in Portland Sunday night, as Trail Blazers' superstar Damian Lillard dropped a 70-piece on the Houston Rockets, scoring 71 points. But after terrorizing the Rockets all night, Lillard got a scare of his own: A drug test by the NBA. 

Not that he was worried about failing the test, but he admitted that he's "scared of needles."

Honestly, I was like are y’all serious? I did the urine test [Saturday] and they backed it up with the blood draw after the game [Sunday]. That was actually the first time in my career [getting] tested after a game. Then aside from that they know I am scared of needles. I know I got a lot of tattoos, but when you’re doing a blood draw it is different than tattoos.

The 32-year-old Lillard became the oldest player of the eight NBAers ever to top the 70-point barrier, and did it with the fewest amount of free throws.

Lillard shot 22 of 38 from the field and 13 of 22 from 3-point range. He tied Donovan Mitchell of the Cleveland Cavaliers for the most points in a game this season, and Spida reacted:

“My mom calls me and says @Dame_Lillard tied your record … you gotta get 72 now."

Another masterful performance from Lillard, who continues to carve his place in the Hall of Fame.  

Now if only we could see him get a chance to do this in the playoffs.