NBA Rumors: 5 Suitors Emerge For Kyrie Irving

As soon as the bombshell dropped today of Kyrie Irving demanding a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, of course all eyes immediately turned to the team that he was rumored to be heading to since last summer: the Los Angeles Lakers. And yes, they are one of five teams said to be interested at this point, but with one caveat.

According to ESPN's NBA Insider Brian Windhorst, "the Lakers position from what I understand is that: They've been interested in trading for Kyrie Irving, but they're not so sure about trading for him and being obligated to give him a $200M contract at season's end."

And the failure of the Nets to grant him a long-term guaranteed extension is precisely the reason for Kyrie wanting out now. 

He then went on to name two other teams that fancy themselves as contenders that could be stepping up in the Kyrie sweepstakes: The Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat.

"The Dallas Mavericks are very desperate to get a star player next to Luka Doncic. Are they desperate enough to roll the dice on Kyrie Irving?..."

Adrian Wojnarowski agrees the Mavs are expected to explore the idea, but like most teams, the Mavericks have had a reluctance to make significant offers of assets for Irving.

"And the last team I'll mention," continued Windhorst, "is the Miami Heat. The trade there would be Kyle Lowry, would be my guess. (But) I'm not sure the Nets would be crazy about taking on the $30M left on Lowry's contract."

Shams Charania has yet another team to add to the list: the Phoenix Suns. 

Windhorst did drop one other team name: the Los Angeles Clippers, who would have some assets that the Nets would actually want. But he admits, at the same time, that the Clippers "would be skeptical about going for Kyrie Irving and upsetting the balance that they have."

And that is the risk that any team trading for Kyrie Irving would have to decide if they want to take. 

Photo: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports