Report: Nets' Wanted Extreme "Condition" On Any Kyrie Extension, Leading to Trade Demand

If the Brooklyn Nets were going to agree to sign Kyrie Irving to a long-term extension, it would have to be on their terms. And what terms they were! According to Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report, it was conditional on the Nets winning the championship.

Haynes says Irving's camp walked out of negotiations after the Nets "presented an offer that was tied to the team winning a championship."

He also reported that the issue apparently wasn't about money at that point, and was told that Irving wouldn't stay now even if they offered him a full max contract.

Now the Nets are faced with a decision—trade Kyrie under less-than-favorable conditions, or, as Insider Marc Stein put it, "call his bluff" and simply keep him through the end of the season. Irving would essentially be forced to continue to play for the Nets and be "a professional" (as much as he can be), in order to show the rest of the league that he's worthy of a contract in free agency. 

But if he's prepared to walk at the end of the year, why insist on a trade now anyway, if the Nets, once Kevin Durant returns from injury, would still be contenders? The answer, simply, is, in fact—despite what his camp told Haynes—all about the money. 

NBA cap expert Keith Smith reports that, essentially, only two teams would have the cap space to give Irving a contract number that he'd be interested in this summer, and they're both cellar-dwellers. So he needs a trade to another team in order to circumvent the cap and re-sign with Bird Rights. 

Photo: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports