Andrew Wiggins "Dealing With Some Real Sh**", Still Away From Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have been without one of their best players for the past month, but the team, out of respect for his privacy, has been keeping it pretty close to the vest about the reason for Andrew Wiggins' absence. 

“What he’s dealing with,” one player said, “is some real (expletive).”

And according to Marcus Thompson II in The Athletic, Wiggins' teammates are keeping this one in-house, and not getting antsy at all. 

"All you’ll find in the Warriors’ locker room is patience and understanding, a little disappointment but a lot of concern," writes Thompson. "They get why Wiggins isn’t there. They aren’t feeling betrayed or abandoned. More than that, they are collectively protecting Wiggins."

The All-Star forward will miss his 13th straight game on Wednesday night, and for anyone who's curious about what's keeping him away, you won't hear anything from within the locker room. 

“If we’re fine with it,” one player said, “and the people who pay him understand, then so should everyone else.”

The 28-year-old from Toronto has never been one to miss games for no reason. In his first four seasons in the NBA, he missed a total of one game. ONE. Over four seasons. He's played at least 70 games in seven of his eight full seasons before this one. 

As for the tight-lipped secrecy around his absence, it's a far cry from what this team went through back in the fall, when their dirty laundry was laid bare for all in the basketball world to see, when a video leaked of an ugly scene at practice during training camp when Draymond Green slugged Jordan Poole. 

This time around, the Warriors have locked the seal tight. 

All the Warriors—and the rest of us—can do is hope that everything turns out okay on Wiggins' personal front, and that he returns to the team that needs him so greatly. 

Photo: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports