Heat Superstar Blasts Team Defense: "We Don't Know Our Coverages"

Prior to the All-Star break the Miami Heat had a record of 32-27. They were top five in the league in defensive rating, something that the team took pride in. However, since then, they have easily become one of the worst teams defensively. Superstar Jimmy Butler did not hold back on his comments about how the team has been playing. In fact, he mentions that at times, "we don't know our coverages."

Butler, a five-time all-defensive player was brought in by the Heat to instill the defensive mentality. At the beginning of the season, the team was doing just that, being a top-tier defensive team. Since the break, however, Butler says the team "mess[es] up a lot." He even admits that at times, "we kind of be making up stuff on the fly." Butler added that "it's not on any one guy because everyone should be communicating down the line."
The Heat were seventh in the East before the break. In the last 18 games though, they have a losing record of 8-10 with just a few games remaining. They have also dropped to 26th in team defensive rating. A tough time to not stay focused on defense and have trouble communicating. Nonetheless, in the standing, they remain where they were to start the season, in seventh place.

Butler, who has been the superstar for the Heat since joining the team in 2019, has made an immediate impact. Miami has been in the playoffs every single season and made it to the finals the first year he was part of the team. Just last season, the Heat reached the Eastern Conference Finals but lost to the Boston Celtics. Butler, and the Heat, need to figure out their defensive schemes if they hope to repeat their success in the past. 

Photo Credit © Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports