NBA Rumors: Trae Young "Not Beloved" Amongst Teammates

 According to a new report out of Atlanta today, it sounds like things have been even worse with the Atlanta Hawks than anyone thought. New coach Quin Snyder, says the report, is going to have to mend the "disconnect" between superstar point guard Trae Young and most of the rest of the team.

Bill Reiter of CBS Sports writes that the two-time All-Star is "not beloved" in the locker room. 

It's no secret there's a serious disconnect between Young, the team's star player, and many -- though some say nearly all -- of his teammates. He is not beloved, sources say, and there's a strong view that Young fails to lead, to understand or care to understand what is required of him, and that as a result the team will never achieve what it should until that reality is fixed.

Young had a well-publicized incident with former coach Nate McMillan earlier this season, in which the superstar refused to show up for a Hawks game. McMillan was soon afterwards rumored to be considering resigning, but the team did the dirty work for him, firing him just over a week ago.

Could a Trae Young trade be in the works for this summer? That was speculated on earlier this week. But according to Reiter, one NBA executive says that won't be easy. 

"They'd want a ton for him," the exec said. "And I don't think there's anyone willing to pay what they'd demand."

In fact, one rival GM went so far as to say: "You can't win with him."

New coach Snyder has a big job ahead of him rebuilding the Hawks' culture, who, Reiter suggests, has been described by various sources as "broken," "ugly" and "total s--t." 

Sounds like the hiring of Snyder is just the first part of a huge job to be done in Atlanta.

Photo: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports