Top Potential Landing Spot Emerges For Goran Dragic


It was supposed to happen back in the 2021-22 season; then it was supposed to happen in the summer of 2022. Now, the rumors have once again emerged that Goran Dragic could be joining his Slovenian compatriot Luka Doncic in Dallas.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Dallas Mavericks are seen as a potential landing spot for Dragic, who was waived by the Chicago Bulls this week.  

Dragic and Doncic, of course, are longtime teammates on the Slovenian national team, and have a great respect for each other. 

League observers were surprised that he didn't wind up in Dallas last offseason when he was considering his free agent destinations and the Mavs clearly needed help in the backcourt with the recent defection of Jalen Brunson. 

But according to a report, Dragic said at the time, “They made an offer but I decided not to take it. They wanted me to play one game and then sit for the next five. I know I can still easily play 20 minutes per game. I'm not ready to retire and just sit on the bench in a cheerleading role."

Perhaps the Mavs, once again looking for some backcourt help, could be approaching Dragic with a more palatable offer of playing time.

The 36-year-old, 15-year veteran didn't quite get to his preferred 20 MPG with the Bulls, settling in at 15.4 minutes per contest, while averaging 6.4 points and 2.7 assists.

Photo: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports