Video: Bleeding Brook Lopez In Middle Of Bucks/Kings Chaos

No. 1 seed in the East vs. No. 2 seed in the West. It was a chaotic ending to a frantic game, and it finished with the Milwaukee Bucks' Brook Lopez and Sacramento Kings' Trey Lyles scrapping on the court. 

As Giannis Antetokounmpo was simply dribbling out the last few seconds of a 132-124 Bucks' win, Lyles, for some reason tried to strip the ball from the Greek Freak, and shoved him inexplicably. Lopez, who had seemed agitated the whole second half, immediately stepped in to confront Lyles, and madness ensued. 

Lyles shoved Lopez in the face, and had his hands around his neck as players and coaches poured into the melee. 

Lopez was left with bleeding from a gash over his left eye, but said afterwards he was just protecting his guys.

"The game was over... I don't know what that guy was doin'... I was trying to protect my guy.

"“I thought what that guy did to Giannis was cheap... I didn’t like that. I had my guy’s back like I would have any of my teammates.”

Lyles and Lopez were both ejected, though with 15 seconds remaining that had no effect—except for the league office, which will no doubt step in with some discipline on this one.

Giannis finished the game with 46 points, while Lopez had 23.