Doc Rivers Goes Viral For Most Ridiculous Coaching Speech Ever Heard... And It Worked

The Philadelphia 76ers had a rough first half in Game 2 against the Brooklyn Nets. James Harden had two points and four turnovers. Joel Embiid was posterized, and the Sixers trailed by five. 

That's when Philly head coach Doc Rivers called a timeout one minute into the second half, and came up with this inspirational gem of coaching:

“C’mon guys, c’mon…but listen... it’s up to y’all. What y’all wanna do?... C'mon... C'mon... Let's go! C'mon!"

And the insanity of it is, it worked. The Sixers went on a 20-5 run after that, and won the third quarter 24-14, going on to take the game, 96-84, and a 2-0 lead in the first-round series. 

As Tobias Harris said afterwards, the Sixers changed their body language and their energy after the timeout.  

Doc's latest "C'mon guys speech" as it shall henceforth forever be known, is an immediate meme and legendary moment in Sixers playoff history. But can they now ride that and "c'mon" all the way to the NBA Finals?