NBA Rumors: 3 Potential Landing Spots For Russell Westbrook

Now that the Conference Finals are in full swing, one name that has faded from the lips of NBA fans for the time being is Russell Westbrook. But that won't last very long. Free agency is just around the corner, and the 9-time All-Star will be out there for the taking. 

Westbrook, whose banishment from the Los Angeles Lakers launched that team onto a huge run that has taken them from 13th in the West at the time of Russ's departure, into the Conference Finals. 

But the embattled and beleaguered tar rejuvenated his reputation somewhat after his arrival across the hall at the Arena, as he had a nice run with the Clippers, who were eliminated earlier in the playoffs with both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George out of the lineup.

So who might have Westbrook on their radar in free agency? Here are 3 teams that are potential landing spots:

Washington Wizards

Westbrook had a successful season in DC in 2020-21, averaging a triple-double (22.2 points, 11.5 rebounds and 11.7 assists) while teaming up with Bradley Beal to lead the team to the playoffs. 

The Wizards have some free agent business of their own to take care of, with Kyle Kuzma opting out to hit the open market, while Kristaps Porzingis might do the same. But depending on how all that shakes out, Westbrook could be an option to return. 

Chicago Bulls

The unfortunate news that Lonzo Ball will miss yet another season due to his knee troubles leaves the Bulls once again with a decision to make at point guard. Westbrook's name was bandied about as a possibility for Chicago on the buyout market this past season before they ultimately went with Patrick Beverley as a stop-gap.

But depending on how the Bulls decide to progress this season (keep the core together and go for it, or blow things up), they might be tempted to add Westbrook to help get them to the playoffs. 

Los Angeles Clippers

As mentioned, Westbrook seemed to be a good fit with the Clippers and averaged 15.8 points, 7.6 assists and 4.9 rebounds in 30 minutes per game. Paul George, for one, definitely would like to see him return. 

"He delivered... He came in and was an unbelievable locker room guy, great energy, great leader. He was very adaptable.

"He proved that he's got a lot left in the tank... To have a playmaker, a leader, a floor general... he covers so many holes and wears so many hats... he's just so valuable. We saw what it looked like, we know it works. We gotta get him back."

Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports