NBA Rumors: 3 Teams Who Could Trade For Jordan Poole This Summer

The Golden State Warriors have some work to do this summer. They have some big decisions to make on personnel, and dealing with their burdensome luxury tax bill. According to many observers, they'll need to unload a huge contract, and the No. 1 candidate to go is Jordan Poole.

Despite averaging 20.4 points and 4.5 assists this season, he came under plenty of criticism during the Warriors' playoff run, as his point production fell off by 50%, and his 20 ppg in the regular season was even called "empty calories" by one rival GM. 

So which teams might be willing to take Poole and his 4-year, $128M contract off the Dubs' hands? Let's look at three who are under consideration:

Phoenix Suns

Yes, the Suns already have a pretty good shooting guard by the name of Devin Booker. But after losing Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson in the Kevin Durant trade, they could use another perimeter scorer and shot creator. 

And they just happen to have a big-contract player of their own that they'd like to move on from, in Deandre Ayton. Could that be the basis of a blockbuster trade this summer? 

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets got plenty of assets from the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks in their Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving trades, respectively, that they could use in a big trade. But despite the emergence of Mikal Bridges as a bonafide scorer, they are in still need of more players who can create their own shot. 

Poole, going into his age-24 season, is a young player who can score from plenty of spots on the floor, and the Nets can go forward with him into the future. 

Toronto Raptors

The team north of the border boasts a plethora of solid two-way players, who can play defense while contributing at the offensive end. But what they lack is something that Poole can certainly provide: shooting and shot creation.

The Raptors also have plenty of interesting trade pieces themselves that they'll be discussing this summer (Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby and others) from which the framework of a big swap could emerge.