Damian Lillard Saga Coming To A Head Today In Portland

Damian Lillard had made it clear that he's not interested in a rebuild. He doesn't want any more youth brought into the Portland Trail Blazers' roster, but rather 'win-now' players. And then the Blazers went out and used their No. 3 pick in the Draft to select 19-year-old Scoot Henderson. 

It's thought that this could mean that Dame will ask for a trade. That could come to a head today, as Lillard is meeting with the Trail Blazers "to discuss the franchise's direction."

Blazers GM Joe Cronin says he’s talked to Lillard’s agent multiple times since the draft but had not spoken to Lillard directly... Until today.

In addition to scooping Scoot at No. 3, Portland also used its other two picks in the draft, No. 23 (Kris Murray), and No. 43 (Rayan Rupert).

Sam Amick of The Athletic reports that Lillard wants to see the Blazers sign Draymond Green in free agency, as well as re-up with their own free agent, Jerami Grant, in order make the team into a serious playoff contender that he'd be comfortable with. 

All eyes around the league will be on what comes out of this big pow-wow today between Dame and the Blazers, as teams everywhere around the NBA have trade proposals ready to submit to Cronin.