NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Superstar Recruiting LeBron James To Join Him

This off-season, there's bound to be plenty of chatter about the future of LeBron James in the NBA, and if he does continue to play, will he remain with the Lakers, or move on to a new challenge? All these questions are bound to be answered soon, and unsurprisingly, there are people now recruiting him to join them for his 21st season in the NBA. 

This time, it's former LeBron teammate Kyrie Irving, who is a free agent, but looking to return to the Dallas Mavericks this off-season, and he is now reportedly attempting to lure James to join him with the Mavericks to create a superstar trio of James, Irving and Luka Doncic. 

At this point, it's unclear just where James' future in the NBA lies, but if he believes he's done all he can as a member of the Lakers, he could force a move to Dallas, but right now, it seems quite unlikely that he will be a member of the Dallas Mavericks when the 2023/24 season kicks off. 

Photo Credit:  Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports