NBA Rumors: Insider Drops Stunning Kyrie Irving Sign & Trade Possibility

Will Kyrie Irving re-sign with the Dallas Mavericks? Will the long-talked-about reunion with LeBron James take place in Los Angeles? Or, according to a juicy new rumor, will Kyrie have another kind of reunion this summer?

Longtime NBA Insider Ric Bucher dropped some wild new gossip, saying his sources tell him that Kevin Durant (believe it or not) would like another go-'round with Kyrie, this time with the Phoenix Suns.

There's at least one guy out there that wants to play with him. And that's Kevin Durant of the Phoenix Suns. Surely, after all that happened in Brooklyn, KD doesn't want to hook up with Kyrie again, does he?? Surely, he's learned better? You might think that, and you might think KD would think that. But that's not what I've heard. 

KD looks at what happened in Brooklyn and blames it all on Steve Nash and Sean Marks and owner Joe Tsai. He does not look at Kyrie any different as a players. He firmly believes that he and Kyrie are still capable of doing something special.

Bucher, on his On The Ball podcast, goes on to add that KD and Kyrie have an important ally in getting this done, in Isiah Thomas, a good friend of new Suns owner Mat Ishbia. Isiah would "certainly be in Ishbia's ear telling him about how much better the Suns would be if they had Kyrie."

So, basically, Durant hasn't learned his lesson from being burned by Kyrie, and Ishbia may not have learned his lessons from the history of Thomas in his post-playing days, basically burning to the ground everything he gets his hands on (the Toronto Raptors, the New York Knicks, the Indiana Pacers, the Continental Basketball Association, and Florida International U). 

We shall see if the Suns actually try to make something happen. Bucher suggests a Deandre Ayton for Irving sign-and-trade would make a lot of sense. Ayton clearly wants out of the desert, and the Mavericks are looking for a star scoring and rebounding center. 

As for the Lakers' chances of trading for Kyrie? Bucher says there's "no chance" Irving will be a Laker. "I was told zero percent" odds... There's simply no way that Jeannie Buss and the Lakers are going to do LeBron's bidding for him (after the Russell Westbrook trade disaster)."

 Photo: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports