Utah Jazz Executive Makes Controversial Statement On Boston Celtics Head Coach


The Boston Celtics may have made it to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, where they were thoroughly defeated and eliminated by the Miami Heat, and while the criticism may have gone overboard on Head Coach Joe Mazzulla, it's safe to say that he was thoroughly out of his depth in the playoffs.

The season under Joe Mazzulla came about after the Ime Udoka scandal, with many people believing that the Celtics had a massive downgrade at the position, but one person who disagrees with that is former Celtics star and current Utah Jazz executive Danny Ainge. 

According to Ainge, Mazzulla is a better coach than his predecessor Udoka, which is a sentiment that few people would echo after the latest playoff run, but now that Udoka is taking over as the Head Coach of the Houston Rockets, he's got a great chance to prove Ainge wrong. 

Photo Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports