NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons Holding Up Latest Blockbuster Trade Talks

The Portland Trail Blazers, Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets are discussing possibilities around a three-way trade to get Damian Lillard to Miami. However, one of the big sticking points is that Brooklyn, if they are to be involved, are insisting on dumping Ben Simmons on someone. And that's not going over so well.

Heat Insider Greg Sylvander's sources tell him that this has become a big challenge, as "no team is particularly interested in taking" Simmons. 

The former No. 1 overall pick and three-time All-Star has seen his stock plummet to new depths after two seasons of not appearing like he's in any way interested in actually playing basketball, nor earning the $78M he's still owed on his albatross of a contract. 

The Nets were stuck with him after their ill-advised trade with the Philadelphia 76ers for James Harden at the 2022 trade deadline. After sitting out the entirety of that season for a combination of a holdout, a back injury, and mental unreadiness to play, Simmons got into just 42 games this past season after a variety of maladies and averaged career lows across the board. 

Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports