Insider Reveals Potential Miami Heat Offer to Portland for Lillard

While rumors persist that the Portland Trail Blazers have been "acting disinterested" in engaging the Miami Heat in trade talks for Damian Lillard, NBA Insider Shams Charania says the Heat are putting together their best swing with an offer that will include several first-round picks. 

According to Shams, the potential deal he reports that the Heat are putting together to offer Portland looks like this:

  • 3-to-4 first-round picks
  • One of the Heat’s "younger players"
  • Tyler Herro to a 3rd team for other assets
  • Expiring contracts
  • Pick swaps and/or second-round picks

Would that package be good enough to get a deal done? 

The big question Shams asks, if the Blazers and Heat are unable to come to an agreement, "is there a team out there that's willing to take on Damian Lillard without knowing if he really wants to play for them?"

Of course, Lillard and his agent have made it clear that he only wants to go to the Heat, and that demand has even prompted a warning of discipline from the NBA to the players association and Lillard and his agent in particular, if any more of these "one team or bust" comments are made.

Photo: Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports