Portland Trail Blazers Star Ignites Trade Rumours With Recent Social Media Activity

The Portland Trail Blazers are in a very interesting spot this summer, as they have finally received an official trade request from their biggest star Damian Lillard, and while many believe he will return to Portland if not traded, he's stirring up trade rumours once again.

Recently, it was revealed that Lillard has officially unfollowed the Blazers on Instagram, and while that sometimes doesn't mean much, it's often a sign that a big move is coming, and with Miami still his top option, Dame could be on the move soon. 

Obviously, nothing official has happened yet, but with Lillard finally making his trade request, it's unlikely he'll remain a Trail Blazer for long, and if this latest move is any indication, he, along with Joel Embiid who has made similar social media moves could be on the move soon. 

Photo Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports