Insider: Pacers Looking To Add "A Robin For Their Batman"

Tyrese Haliburton has exploded into superstardom this season, as he leads the Indiana Pacers into the In-Season Tournament Final this weekend. He's putting up ridiculous video game numbers, playing with joy, and dragging his teammates along for the ride. Now, according to insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the Pacers are looking for that legit No. 2 on the trade market to pair with him.

Specifically, says Woj, Indiana will be aggressively looking for "a big, athletic two-way wing player to build out this roster.

“As the Pacers, you know: 'We are willing to give up picks and assets, because we believe we will be able to re-sign that player. that we're not going to lose him in free agency'.

"When they traded for him, they weren't quite sure whether this was a Batman or a Robin. This is a Batman in the NBA." Insider Zach Lowe doubles down on his fellow ESPNer's comments: “(Haliburton is) the best pick-and-roll ballhandler in the league… he's an MVP candidate, 1st team all-NBA candidate."

And as noted, the Pacers do indeed have multiple young prospects, plus all their future draft picks, to pursue that big name on the trade market to play alongside him.

Haliburton has 28 assists and zero turnovers in the Pacers' last two elimination games in the In-Season Tournament, and is quickly becoming one of the best young faces of the NBA.