Ja Morant "Under Fire" Again For Controversial Celebration Antics

Here we go again. Ja Morant, who has been nothing but spectacular in his comeback from a 25-game suspension, has now come... ahem... under fire  for his post-game celebration Tuesday night that included finger guns & a 'rocket launcher'. 

On FanDuel's Run it Back this morning, former NBA player Chandler Parsons, for one, blasted Morant.

“What else has to happen for you, and your family and your friends, to learn? Make this about basketball, make this about your life, make this about your livelihood, and stop doing things like this.” 

On the court, Morant has single-handedly revived the Memphis Grizzlies' season, leading them to a 4-0 record with him after a dreadful start during his suspension. That 25-gamer was his second ban from the league for repeated gun-flashing incidents on social media. 

Now, at least, he's just using imaginary ones on the court. But that hasn't stopped the critics from calling him out.

Photo: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports