Warriors Rumors: Dubs In Pursuit Of Former Lakers World Champion

 The Golden State Warriors season has not gone the way they'd hoped, to say the least. They currently sit 12th in the Western Conference at 21-25 heading into play on Sunday, and there are plenty of questions of what they could do to—or even if they should try to—right the ship this season. 

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls have their own big questions to ask after it was confirmed this weekend that Zach LaVine would be lost for the season with his foot injury. Do the Bulls now go into "sell mode" before this coming week's trade deadline? Because if they do, the Warriors would be greatly interested in an asset that previously seemed untouchable, in Alex Caruso.

The Warriors need more defense. That in unquestioned, as they are 22nd in defensive rating in the NBA and were last in the league in January. Caruso can provide a huge shot in the arm on that, plus a bit of offense, and a ton of hustle, grit and leadership. He was a key, if not underappreciated part of the Lakers' 2020 NBA title. He's averaging a career-high 10 points while shooting 40.5% from beyond the arc.  

Steph Curry is aware that the Dubs front office is clearly not happy with the current state of the team. "The closer you get to [the trade deadline]; it's the nature of the NBA, you can't be naïve and act like calls aren't being made or whatever it is."

Head coach Billy Donovan told Bulls beat writer KC Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago that a decision hasn't been made yet on which way the Bulls will go, but he'll be hearing about it before the media and the players.

"When something is imminent, they're going to bring it to me," Donovan said of management. "I never heard of, 'This is our plan. This is what we're doing.' . . . I am 1,000 percent confident and assured that I'll be part of those conversations...

"I just don't know when those conversations will take place or what their thought is. This (LaVine going down for the season) just happened. . . . It really starts to ramp up 48 hours before the deadline".

For his part, Caruso isn't paying attention to any of the rumors. 

"Out of my control completely," Caruso said. "I'm more focused on playing against the Kings. And then we got five more games until All-Star break until I can mentally relax. Whatever they decide to do is their decision. My job as an employee of this team is to show up and do my duty. And that's to play basketball. That's what I'm focused on." 

Photo: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports