Respected ex-NBA Veteran RIPS The Bucks: "They Could Be Way, Way, Way Worse"

The Milwaukee Bucks are stumbling and fumbling down the stretch of the NBA season, losers of four straight coming into Tuesday night's action, and while they are clinging to the number two seed in the Eastern Conference currently, they stand a very real chance of dropping to the 5th seed and losing home court advantage in the first round. 

The Bucks have been nothing but mediocre since Doc Rivers took over as head coach back on January 26th, going 16-17 since then, and showing no signs at all that they could be a threat to the Boston Celtics or any other team, to come out of the East in this year's playoffs.

In fact, well-respected former NBA veteran Jamal Crawford blasted the Bucks today, seemingly wondering why they fired rookie coach Adrian Griffin in the first place.

“If not for Adrian Griffin and what they did earlier in the season, they would be way, way, way worse. … They’ve almost run out of reasons and excuses why," Crawford said, "and that's the part that's scary. Because this is a new group with Dame (Damian Lillard) being there and going through that war (of the playoffs). 

"So in the wars of the playoffs, when something goes bad, then what? That trust isn't built yet."

The Bucks have made a drastic change in their starting lineup for Tuesday night's game, bringing in Patrick Beverley to the starting lineup, replacing Malik Beasley.

Will that make a difference? Doc and Bucks, as Crawford says, are running out of excuses. 

Photo: © Reggie Hildred-USA TODAY Sports