NBA Rumors: "Definite Connections" Between Kevin Durant & Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets pulled off a trade late last night with Brooklyn to gather up a boatload of Phoenix Suns draft picks—and according to numerous sources, it was all done with the expectation that they will be trading for Kevin Durant. 

“[Houston] made this trade specifically to attempt to make a deal with the Suns, and they did it to make a deal with the Suns NOW. Now, to my knowledge, Kevin Durant has not asked for a trade. However, there are definite connections between Kevin Durant and the Houston Rockets.”

The Houston Rockets, after their multi-draft-pick trade with the Brooklyn Nets last night, now own the full draft rights of the Phoenix Suns for the next two years. It includes a pick swap with the Suns in 2025, the Suns' pick in 2027 and potentially the Suns' pick in 2029 based on contingencies. The Rockets can give Phoenix back so much of the draft capital they lost when they dealt for Durant two years ago—a trade which hasn't translated to any playoff success as of yet.  

"[The Houston Rockets] are interested in tempting the Suns to try to trade them Kevin Durant NOW. They don't wanna do this later."

For their part, the Suns have said they're looking to run it back with their 'Big 3' of Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal. 

Photo: © Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports