Two High-Profile Teams Looking To Move Into Top 5 of NBA Draft

It seems like there's potential for a lot of moving and shaking in advance of the NBA Draft in 10 days' time, as a number of teams are itching to get into the Top 5, including two serious power-broker clubs:

According to Sam Amico of Hoops Wire,  the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are among a group of teams in the middle of the first round who are looking to make a move up the ladder:

One league source told Hoops Wire last week that he envisions the Lakers and Heat making a strong play for a top-five pick. Also, the Memphis Grizzlies hold the No. 9 overall pick and could be among those exploring the idea of moving down. Some feel that in this draft, there won’t be much of a difference in upside between, say, the Nos. 9 and 20 selections.

But the Top 5? That's still got many teams' attention, even in what's considered a 'down' Draft. However, each of the teams with the Nos. 1 through 4 picks are apparently open to trading them: The Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards, Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, in that order, could make for a wild day on June 26th if they trade their top selections.  

Additionally, Kevin O'Connor wrote in The Ringer that, "With multiple teams in the teens trying to move up, the (Grizzlies') ninth pick could be ripe for a trade".

All in all, despite the Draft not being considered "top heavy" with game-changing talents like in recent years, it sounds like it will create a frenzy amongst many teams.

Photo: © Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports