3 Potential Landing Spots for Aleksej Pokusevski After Getting Waived

He's now been waived twice this year, but at just 22 years old, it certainly isn't the end of the line for the uniquely talented Aleksej Pokusevski.  

The Charlotte Hornets have waived him, five months after picking him up following his release by the Oklahoma City Thunder. In 18 games with the Hornets, he played 19 minutes a night, with 7.4 points, 4.4 rebounds and 1.7 assists. 

For a 7-foot, 190-pounder, Poku carries a unique skill set, and he put it all on display in a game two years ago, when he was getting more run with the Thunder, registering a memorable triple-double.

Let's have a look at three teams that should take a serious look at signing Poku:

Golden State Warriors

With his "point forward" skills, it would seem like Steve Kerr and the Warriors system could get the most out of the lanky Serbian. The Dubs, while still trying to take another run at a title while Steph Curry's window is still open, are also keeping an eye on the future, and looking to develop talent.

Washington Wizards

This is a team with absolutely nothing to lose as they're at rock bottom in their rebuild. Kyle Kuzma is probably on the way out in a trade this summer, leaving the power forward slot open (likely where Pokusevski would play). The Wiz could definitely give Poku some big minutes to see just what he can do with a regular rotation spot (he fared well in that role with OKC for a stretch in 2022).

San Antonio Spurs

This one is the most tantalizing, as lining up Pokusevski, with his arms and legs that go on forever, next to 7'4" phenom Victor Wembanyama would be an incredible sight to see. The new "Thin Towers." Plus, one of the greatest coaches of all time, Gregg Popovich, would get another intriguing pupil to mold. 

Photo: © Scott Kinser-USA TODAY Sports