Giannis informed Milwaukee management who he wants to play with next season

The 'Greek Freak' Giannis Antetokounmpo has one-year left on his contract, and there's no doubt the Milwaukee Bucks want their superstar to stick around long-term. In order to make that happen, the Bucks are going to at least make the conference finals, and right now, with their current roster, there's a good chance they don't. Giannis knows this, and has now made it clear to his GM, find me another star!

Giannis has now submitted a list of players to Bucks GM, Jon Horst who will be tasked with trying to acquire a name from the list, one way or another. Creativity for sure will be key, and it's likely someone like George Hill, Eric Bledsoe or perhaps even Khris Middleton will be shipped out of town. 

Middleton of course is under a massive contract and has great chemistry, (so it seems) with Giannis, so that's unlikely, but Bledsoe and Hill could easily be on their way out of town.

Now to the list...


Other names that were expected to be included were Russell Westbrook, Jrue Holiday, Mike Conley, and Devin Booker. The list was expected to be 10 players, ranging from superstars to glue guys. From the looks of things, it's clear Giannis wants someone who can make plays.

Playmakers make big plays, and the Bucks better do whatever they can to find one, or else their biggest play will come in 2021 when they are searching for a new superstar.
Photo credit:  JB Autissier/Panoramic/Icon Sportswire