New York Knicks preparing huge trade offer for Chris Paul

The New York Knicks are sick and tired of losing and are ready to pull the trigger on some changes for next season. From Russell Westbrook to Devin Booker, the Knicks have been linked to multiple superstars over the last few weeks. However, none more than OKC's Chris Paul and apparently an offer is in the works!


We don't think Spike would approve the team mortgaging some of the future for a 35-year-old point guard? This trade would be a typical Knicks move. Just when they have some pieces to build around, and some future cap space coming in to sign a star, they go and deal a ton of assets for a 'name' who may play two seasons with the team.

Always something eh Knicks fans...


Photo credit: Anthony J. Causi/Icon Sportswire