NBA Executive sees the Rockets trading James Harden

After the Houston Rockets exit from the NBA playoff bubble, their management has some questions to answer for next season.  Coach D'Antoni announced he wasn't coming back to the bench and the Rockets could use a shake up on their depth. Decisions. Decisions. Turns out if it was up to one NBA executive, he would start by trading James Harden.


Everything should be on the table, including trading James Harden - eastern conference executive.

Moving Harden would be a horrible decision. Instead, surround him and Westbrook with some better talent, a coach who can help their defensive structure. The Rockets were vastly improved with Westbrook in the lineup and him and Harden are capable of doing big things.

We're all curious to see how things play out with Houston, but one things for sure, Harden isn't going anywhere.

 Photo credit:Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire