Steve Nash has big plans for Kevin Durant

Steve Nash can't wait to get things going in Brooklyn as the newly minted head coach has been mulling over his lineup options since he got word he had a job interview. The hall-of-fame point guard was known for his basketball IQ, vision, and elusiveness, and Nash is expected to instill many of these qualities into his team's play. This includes superstar Kevin Durant, and it appears Nash has some big plans for KD.

Nash plans to use KD at every position this season, including PG and C. A 7-foot point guard is someone Nash could never guard, and that's exactly why he thinks it will work. 

Nash dropped by the JJ Redick podcast and had this to say on KD's minutes:

Kevin, with his length, is a matchup problem for everyone,(Kyrie Irving’s excellent off the ball. Kevin can play all five positions, and I plan to use him in all five positions. I get excited to use some of the guys on the roster: Caris (LeVert), (DeAndre Jordan), Jarrett AllenJoe Harris.

It will be interesting to see how the rookie head coach puts his vision to work, but if it's any indication, Nash saw the game differently than everyone else when he played, let's see if this holds up with a clip board in his hand.

 Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire