Vince Carter thinks the Brooklyn Nets already have a 'Big 3'

Vince Carter was dealt to the Nets back when the team was still in New Jersey. Now working in media, VC has a take on his old team that not many people seem to be agreeing with. Carter was recently quoted in the New York Daily News, mentioning he thinks Brooklyn doesn't need another star, and sees DeAndre Jordan as their potential third piece to their Big 3.

When Brooklyn spent bank and brought in Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Jordan, their intentions were exactly that - here's 3 players that give us a chance to win. 

Carter had this to say about Steve Nash's new team:

I feel like you could have a third star in somebody like DeAndre Jordan who can shine. He’s not somebody who’s gonna get a lot of touches, but what does he do? He puts a lot of pressure on the defense going to the rim. You’ve gotta be careful. It’s a slippery slope when you’re putting guys together. I just feel like you have to find the right pieces if you’re gonna go get a third scorer. If you’re gonna go get three guys who really demand the ball, that gets tough after a while. One if not two guys of your big three tend to become unhappy sometimes. If they buy into that, then it’s a possibility. If they don’t, then a big three doesn’t work. I feel like a guy like DeAndre Jordan, somebody like that putting pressure on the rim.

VC knows a little bit about putting pressure on the rim. Time will tell if he knows a little bit about Brooklyn's chemistry.