Kings' Buddy Hield on the move, 3 potential destinations

The Sacramento Kings moved Buddy Hield to the bench for almost 30 games to finish off this season and what it may have done is finish off Hield's career with the Kings.

There's a ton of speculation that Hield is not happy about his new found role on the team and given the amount of money about to kick in on his contract, there's a good chance the Kings are exploring deals as we speak.

Hield is a deadly shooter who is as streaky as they come. Averaging over 40% from 3 his entire career, Hield put down 19.1 ppg last season which was actually a down year from the previous season. This is why the Kings are a touch worried. Points were down, shooting % was down, rebounds were down, and the turnovers were up. Not the combination of statistics the Kings had in mind.

Here's 3 teams who will have interest in Buddy Hield:

Philadelphia 76ers - Make no mistake the 76ers are making changes and adding a knock-down shooter should be their first move. According to multiple sources there's mutual interest in both Hield and the 76ers, so perhaps something goes down at the draft. Al Horford would likely be included in any deal to match the money. 


Charlotte Hornets - The Hornets need as much help from the perimeter as they can find. The team is open to making moves and have been linked to Hield since the trade chatter starting picking up. With Devonte Graham and Terry Rozier to build around, adding Hield to the mix could bode well for sustained success. Given the Hornets huge amount of cap space, this seems like the perfect fit. 

New York Knicks - The Knicks are trying to trade for any and everyone from the sounds of it. The team is talking about Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and you can now throw Buddy Hield's name in the mix. RJ Barrett would be a nice slashing compliment for Hield. The Knicks need shooting as much as anyone and Hield could handle the bright lights in the Big Apple. This trade could set itself up nicely for both clubs as the Kings could pry Kevin Knox and a couple first-rounders if the Knicks are serious about making a deal. 

Buddy Hield doesn't care where he plays, he just doesn't see himself coming off Sacramento's bench after dropping 20 a game.


Photo credit: Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire