Brandon Ingram Is About to Get Paid

The future is looking bright in The Crescent City. You can thank Brandon Ingram for that. 

With Ingram as the 2019-20 NBA Most Improved Player, the Pelicans have high hopes for their future along with Lonzo Ball and Zion Williamson. And for damn good reason. That’s quite the young trio to build around

Remember when the Lakers and their fans thought Kyle Kuzma was the better player? 

The Pelicans will do all they can to keep Ingram in the Big Easy. They will be able to offer the most amount of money over the longest term. Or the shortest. If Ingram wants to sign a Ben Simmons/Jaylen Brown/Pascal Siakam type of deal ($130M-$160M over 4/5 years) the Pels will pony up.

Keep in mind though, last year’s contract talks stalled due to Ingram’s blood clot issue and he wasn’t exactly pleased with the fact he saw his fellow draft class of 2016 sign big extensions. Don’t forget, blood clots were the reason that Chris Bosh had to cut his Hall of Fame career short and are an extremely serious medical issue. It still is a concern for Ingram, and his health should always come first. Hopefully for him, the Pelicans and the NBA, he is able to stay healthy.

And according to the insiders at Pelican Debrief, none of this concerns the Pels and they will be more than happy to open the bank for Ingram.

The future looks bright in The Crescent City. It looks bright indeed.

Photo Credit: Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire