Clippers HC Tyronn Lue Provides Update On Paul George and Kawhi Leonard

The Fresh-Coach of LA has spoken and Tyronn Lue believes Paul George and Kawhi Leonard aren't going anywhere, any time soon.

The newly minted bench boss spoke with the Rachel Nichols on ESPN's The Jump and mentioned Leonard and George directly:

I think Kawhi and PG are going to stay for a long time. I think in their situation and where they want to be, it’s here with the Clippers.We just gotta make it a great environment, and we have to win

The great environment the Clippers coach is seeking doesn't include any of the drama from this season. There were some apparent hurt feelings as some of the veterans weren't pleased with how Kawhi Leonard was handling his business. The reports were shot down in one way shape or another, and some others starting surfacing saying Leonard asked for a new point-guard

When you see the player's going at each other on multiple occasions during the playoffs and hear the noise surrounding the team, it makes you wonder.

After the king's ransom the team gave up for Paul George, flipping him after one season would be a huge cop out. Instead, adjust and find ways to make having two of the best players in the NBA on your team work. 

Ty Lue, take it away. 

Photo credit:  Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire