Report: Kawhi Leonard Asked the Clippers for a New Point Guard

Just when you thought things had settled down in Los Angeles, it turns out the drama is just beginning for the Clippers. Last week we shared the news that some veteran Clippers were upset with the special treatment Kawhi Leonard received last season, and now this...

According to Stephen A. Smith, Leonard has approached management and asked the team to upgrade from Patrick Beverley and find the team a starting point guard, who can run the team and knock down some open looks.

With limited resources, the Clippers may be in tough to make Kawhi happy, but as we saw with the Paul George trade from a season ago, the team is willing to pull off bold moves.

Smith went on to provide some more details on 'First Take':

It's not that he wants them to get rid of Patrick Beverley, but Patrick Beverley is basically a defensive ace who's small and has to play opposing guards. So they need a point guard that can run a team and can shoot

Look for the Clippers to make a trade for a point-guard, as they aren't able to spend freely like some other teams. If they can't land one in a trade, perhaps they consider....

Photo credit:  Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire