Dwight Howard is sticking with his Kobe's

Dwight Howard, like all of us, was absolutely heart-broken when the news dropped Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter accident. Howard is playing these Finals with a heavy heart and is making sure he's doing his part to make sure Kobe's legacy lives on. One footstep at a time. 

Dwight Howard has turned down multiple sneaker offers, upwards of 6-figures and doesn't want to wear anything else on his feet but Kobe's. Quite the turnaround for Howard, who couldn't find the same page as Bryant when the two were teammates back in 2013. Now he's playing with a small part of Bryant and a heart-full of motivation. 

It also turns out his current Lakers teammates and coaching staff are much the same, as Kobe's sneakers have become the unofficial-official shoe of the Bubble. At Lakers practice earlier this week there was roughly 20 people wearing Kobe's!

For assistant coach Jason Kidd, it's finally the right time to wear his Kobe's as he would have worn them during his playing days, but he didn't want to get an ear-full from Bryant. Kidd told the LA Times: 

When you’re on the other side, you never want to wear the enemy’s shoe. That’s an old-school thing for me. If Kobe saw that, he’d think, ‘Oh, he idolizes me. I’ve got him,

Kidd has a point there. Kobe would have been all over him and probably would have offered to sign them after he dropped 40 on his head. 

We miss you, Bean!

Photo credit:Icon Sports Media