Potential Phoenix Suns Reunion in Brooklyn

Steve Nash is reportedly interested in having Mike D'Antoni join his coaching staff with the Brooklyn Nets. The 'seven-seconds or less' from their Phoenix Suns days could be making a comeback. Also helps the Nets are well equipped to run the floor and shoot... they could be on to something,

The move makes a ton of sense on so many levels. as the first year head coach will benefit from having D'Antoni around regardless of how many wins Brooklyn manages this year. Their level of comfort will help calm the nerves of the rookie coach, and also gives Nash some head coaching experience on his bench, which never hurts. 

On to the players, both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are excited to get to work and with a big man like DeAndre Jordan, who can grab the first miss with the best of them, the Nets - if healthy, will be fun to watch. 

'Brooklyn Nets head coach, Steve Nash' has quite the ring to it. 

Almost makes you wonder what's next?

Photo credit:  Darrell Walker/Icon Sportswire