Joe Harris Should Be An Inspiration To Us All

The Brooklyn Nets and Joe Harris have made their new deal official, as the team signed Harris to a four-year deal worth a whopping $75 million. To give you an idea, that's the fifth-biggest contract in team history.

If you don't know Harris' story, here's the Coles notes:

Never give up, kids. 

Harris had a message for Nets fans after putting pen to paper on his new contract:  

What’s up, Nets fans. Just wanted to shoot a quick message, say how grateful I am to be back with this unbelievable organization. This place gave me an opportunity four years ago. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else — playing for a great coach, great front office-led, great ownership, great teammates and the best fans in the league. Can’t wait to get going.

The sharp-shooting guard is only getting better and with the new faces in Brooklyn, both on the floor and behind the bench, Harris's game should continue to develop. 

There was a solid relationship between Nets management and Harris, who took less on his deal two years ago so he could stay in Brooklyn. Now it paid off with flying colors and expect to see his 14.5 points per game go up next season, even with a healthy Kevin Durant in the lineup.

Harris will earn $16.7 million next season, $18.1 in 2021, $19.4 in 2022-23, and $20.7 in the final year of his deal.

Learn to shoot the rock, it pays off! 

Photo credit:  Icon Sportswire