Kelly Oubre Jr Calls Out Phoenix Suns Owner

The Phoenix Suns have been busy this offseason as they refresh the compliment of players surrounding Devin Booker. Two of the players who were recently shipped out were Kelly Oubre Jr and Ricky Rubio, and wouldn't you know it, both Oubre and Rubio didn't mince their departing words as they headed out of town.

Oubre landed with the Golden State Warriors after the team found out Klay Thompson was going to miss the entire season and Oubre recently appeared on a San Francisco radio station and had this to say about the Suns owner:

I can play for an owner - somebody who actually cares about the organization and not just the perception of the organization on the media end of it. It's all about the foundation for me. (If) you have a beautiful foundation, you can build a beautiful (future) as Golden State has done.

Suns owner, Robert Sarver has been scrutinized before for being cheap and not having the right intentions when it came to success in the league.  

The crazy part about this deal is how much Oubre is actually costing the Warriors owners. With adding his salary they go way over the luxury tax threshold, and the move is going to cost $68 million in taxes.

Rubio on the other hand, sent out this Tweet when the news dropped:

Rubio actually ended up being dealt twice as the Oklahoma City Thunder flipped the flashy point-guard to the Timberwolves, where Rubio gets to go 'home' to Minnesota, where he spent six seasons. 

Have to love the NBA. One team is willing to spend almost $70 million in 12 months, just to acquire one player, and one team has an owner who micromanages phone bills. 

Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire