Rockets GM Ready For Big Changes in Houston

Don't expect any more small ball in Houston, their new general manager wants nothing to do with it. Rafael Stone, who was busy recently hiring new coach Stephen Silas made it loud and clear in the interview, enough with the 'Pocket Rockets'.

James Harden and company are notorious for running the five with a small forward at most, as PJ Tucker who's 6'5 would sometimes be covering the other teams center. Stone recently met with the media and had this to say about the new approach in Houston:

We're definitely not going into this offseason saying, you know, 'We don't want anyone over 6-foot-7'. We want really good basketball players. It won't come as a shock that we're not interested in people who are tall but not good at basketball, but we're definitely not wed to anything. 

I feel like, collectively, we've really impacted the game and the way it's played, and we've been really, really aggressive as a group. And we're going to continue to be extraordinarily aggressive. We're going to shoot for it.

The old regime led by Mike D'Antoni had their way and tried their creative ways to find an advantage for the offense first Rockets, it led to hardly any success in the playoffs. At the least you need a stretch five and a couple athletic bigs to come off your bench to d-up and grab some rebounds. 

The Rockets got away from that and according to the GM, enough is enough.


Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire