LeBron James Disappointed With NBA's Restart Timelines

LeBron James isn't a fan of the NBA starting so early after his Los Angeles Lakers won the Bubble playoffs. He took to his emoji keyboard to voice his displeasure. 

The NBA recently announced it was likely the 2020-21 season would start on December 22nd and carry a 72 game schedule.  Which doesn't leave hardly any time for not only some rest and relaxation for James, but also getting his body right as he's infamous meal plan and workout preparation takes time and is set up basically to the minute of each day.

Meanwhile you're going to have teams who haven't played in nine months and are ready to hit the hard court.

One thing's for sure, LeBron James will be coasting until late in the regular season and we may see some 'load management' early on for the Championship Lakers.

Photo credit: Ringo Chiu/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire