The Gordon Hayward Rumors Are Going Wild

The Boston Celtics are in a unique position that some teams would die for. They have three 1st-round picks in the upcoming NBA draft, they have a team full of young and veteran talent, and if another chip falls, they could have some serious cap space to use.

Word is Gordon Hayward is not going to opt-in for his $34.1 million dollar player option, and he will be leaving Boston.

While the money may be right for Hayward to suck it up and head back to Bean Town, rumblings have his Agent in his ear about opting out for a long-term contract. One team to watch is the Atlanta Hawks who could use Hayward as a solid secondary scoring option to Trae Young.

Hayward's set up in Boston, you would think would be ideal. Storied franchise, playing for his college coach, tons of talent. 

Sometimes you has to take care of you. 

Photo credit:  Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire