The Houston Rockets are Falling Apart at the Seams

The Houston Rockets are turning into the NBA's punchline. First it was Russell Westbrook demanding a trade, and now information is dropping about other players on the team's roster. Turns out PJ Tucker and Eric Gordon are also not happy in Houston for multiple reasons.

First off, Tucker is disappointed with his current contract and has made his feelings known. Tucker was upset after the Rockets delayed extension discussions and then low-balled him to signing a four year deal that did not compare to other 3-And-D type of players across the league. Tucker will make a $7.9 million next season, his final year on his contract.

Along with Tucker, Eric Gordon is upset with where he fits in with Houston. According to reports, Gordon hasn't been happy in Houston since he signed back in 2017 and has watched his role diminish. This one is a bit of a head-scratcher as Gordon re-signed with the club in August of 2019 for four more years. If he was unhappy a few years ago, why did he bother to re up?

So what's next for the Rockets? Have to imagine a Westbrook trade will be first, and both Tucker and Gordon will be keeping a close eye on what the return is to see where they are going to fit in on the roster.

Houston, we have a problem....understatement of the year.  

Photo credit:  Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire