James Harden Operating on His Own Timeline

All the Houston Rockets want to do is have all their players in training camp to work on schemes for next season, James Harden is throwing a wrench in those plans.

The team has a slew of new faces on their roster including the recently acquired John Wall, and newly minted head coach, Stephen Silas, who has been waiting years for his opportunity to run a bench, now has to deal with a huge distraction.

Harden is operating at his own pace and hasn't followed any guidelines in place by the Rockets. He's been a travelling circus across the States, from one birthday party to the next and hasn't been isolating one bit. Harden's been busy throwing up one's and enjoying lap dances. 

As we reported yesterday, expect the see Harden traded by the Rockets, but at this point given his antics, he's risky business for any other general manager.

Where will James Harden end up? Let us know in the comments. 

Photo credit:Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire