James Harden to the Golden State Warriors!?!?

Add this one to a long list of rumors that have surfaced regarding Houston Rocket James Harden. The Arizona State product has reportedly informed the Rockets' management team he is not interested in playing for the team next season, declined an extension where he was set to make $50 million a season and wants to be moved.

While earlier reports that he only wants to play for the Brooklyn Nets have quieted down now that Kevin Durant put that to bed, a report has surfaced stating the Golden State Warriors made a call to Houston about dealing for Harden before they were given the news Klay Thompson would miss the entire season. 

The Warriors offer would have likely included Andrew Wiggins, the #2 overall draft pick and potentially a couple other draft picks/draft swaps. 

While this trade appears to be dead for now, Harden with Steph Curry would be absolutely bananas and adding Harden to the Warriors would be must-see tv.

We all can dream, can't we?

Photo credit:  Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire