Kevin Durant Sets Record Straight About Potential James Harden Trade

The talk of the NBA offseason so far has been the Houston Rockets and their superstars, Russell Westbrook and James Harden both reportedly wanting out. While neither player has come out and said 'trade me', it's been speculated by everyone and their mother. 

One of the rumors that surfaced was Kevin Durant and Harden were hanging out on the west coast and mulled over playing together again. Once the two decided this was something they could get used to in Brooklyn, Harden then reportedly made his way to management and let them know he wanted out and more specifically, wanted to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets. 

No trade, no confirmation, and rumor, as Kevin Durant put an end to the madness.

While things have somewhat quieted down in H-Town, expect the rumors to start flying soon as training camps are opening up. The Rockets management team made it known they were fine with starting the season with both Harden and Westbrook at camp, even it was going to be awkward for the players. 

For Durant, he's ready to get back on the court and see what he can do in an NBA game. He wants to put his injuries behind him and use the fresh energy to make a difference in Brooklyn.

Get your popcorn ready, Nets fans.