Miami Making Huge Push For James Harden

The Miami Heat know the Philadelphia 76ers are expanding their trade offer and it sounds like the Heat are doing the same, as the Houston Rockets are busy talking to several teams about a James Harden trade.

We brought you the news last week regarding the talks between the Heat and a package centered around Tyler Herro and it appears those talks have taken off a step further, according to multiple reports.  

You could tell by Harden's answers and his body language when he finally spoke to the media, his heart isn't with the Rockets anymore.

We'll continue to monitor the reports as they continue to fly off the charts. From what were told, the Rockets are talking to the Heat, 76ers, Raptors, and Mavericks. 

Harden can be a distraction at times, and apparently isn't the greatest teammate according to reports he was late for meetings on a regular basis, but one thing he can do is score the basketball.

Don't expect Harden to be in Houston much longer....

Photo credit: Schuler/Imago/Icon Sportswire