Ben Simmons to the Houston Rockets is Heating UP!

Just like that, Ben Simmons is apparently available for trade after his new coach and general manager in Philadelphia have been singing nothing but praise since they arrived.

The 76ers who are managed by ex-Rockets GM, Daryl Morey, were believed to want to hold onto Simmons and give him one year under head coach, Doc Rivers to see what he could do with a new offense alongside Joel Embiid.

Sounds like that could all be for not.

The Rockets, meanwhile, are trying to do whatever they can to get full value for James Harden after everyone on the globe knows he wants out. A combo of John Wall and Ben Simmons would certainly be an interesting mix.

The talks aren't fluid so don't expect an announcement in the next 24 hours, but that doesn't mean Harden won't be getting an early Christmas present this season.

Photo credit: Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire 

And just like that.....