News From the NBA Regarding COVID-19

The NBA is holding a board of governors 'special' meeting on Tuesday and there's a lot on the table. COVID-19 is running rampant through the league right now and there's been games postponed as a number of teams haven't been able to dress the minimum eight players.

It also turns out, some NBA players are testing positive for a second time according to ESPN's sources.

Adding to anxiety currently affecting the NBA amid a spike in COVID-19 cases, multiple players who previously tested positive for the coronavirus have recently tested positive a second time, sources told ESPN.

The CDC defines "reinfection" as a person getting infection, recovering and then later becoming infected again. There are ongoing studies about how long immunity may last, but the CDC says it expects some coronavirus reinfections.

The league office, National Basketball Players Association, teams and agents have been in talks in recent days to consider protocol changes to limit the spread that has caused three games to be postponed. The league has already placed players who previously had the virus -- Brooklyn's Kevin Durant and Miami's Bam Adebayo are two examples -- into week-long health and safety quarantines after exposed to an infected person over concern of reinfection or spreading the virus.

According to current CDC guidance, the duration for immunity following a COVID-19 infection is not yet understood. Some reinfections, based on knowledge of other coronaviruses, are expected but believed to be rare.

We will bring you more from after the BOG meeting, but expect to see an NBA pause coming soon.

Photo credit:   JB Autissier/Panoramic/Icon Sportswire